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About the CQI Community Group

Download the 2017-2018 CQI Community Meeting Schedule Here

The CQI Community Group consists of private agency CQI professionals throughout the state of Illinois interested in networking, sharing resources and supporting professional development in the area of continuous quality improvement.  The CQI Community Group was formed in December 2013, and was modeled after a similar quality improvement group that existed from the late 1990’s to the mid-2000’s called The Quality Services Initiative. The CQI Community Group represents an expansion of the earlier initiative that includes increased structure and organization and represents an increased desire to professionalize the field of CQI in human services. The Community meets every other month to discuss topics relevant to current CQI practice.  The meeting structure consists of a presentation on a particular CQI topic selected by the group, followed by resource sharing and networking. Currently, there are approximately 100 CQI professionals participating in meetings which take place in-person and via teleconference.

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CQI Community Group Meeting Agendas & Materials

Please find below downloadable zip files containing the agendas and materials generated by our semi-annual meetings.  These are arranged from the latest meeting to the earliest.

February 2018 (2.4 MB)

December 2017 (2.1 MB)

February 2017 (1.4 MB)

December 2016 (1.2 MB)

August 2016 (3.3 MB)

June 2016 (3 MB)

April 2016 (7 MB)

December 2015 (95 MB)

October 2015 (800 KB)

August 2015 (1.4 MB)

June 2015 (1.9 MB)

April 2015 (2.1 MB)

February 2015 (7.3 MB)

October 2014 (2.9 MB)

July 2014 (900 KB)

April 2014 (1 MB)

February 2014 (1.2 MB)

December 2013 (300 KB)


Download the PQI Toolkit Presentation Given in June 2017 Here

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