Group Events

The CQI Community Group coordinates events throughout the year for networking, learning, and sharing. All are welcome to attend. Please see below for upcoming events and registration information. E-mail for any questions or if you’d like to join our planning committee.

CQI Community Event: "Telling Your Data Story: Data Visualization and Annual Data Reporting"

Join us at our next CQI Community Event: Telling Your Data Story: Data Visualization and Annual Data Reporting on Friday, May 14, 2021 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. CST. (Registration via Zoom at the link below.)

How does your organization tell the story of your data? How do you create visuals to share successes, highlight areas of growth, or summarize a year of outcomes? How do you communicate a data story to your stakeholders?

This session will include planned presentations of examples of data visualizations (e.g., charts, tables, scorecards, graphs, icons) and/or annual data reports that your CQI peers have created to support their ongoing improvement work, drive decision-making, and share their program’s impact story.

There will also be time for open-share, where attendees will have an opportunity to either share 1) their favorite visual or annual or fiscal year data report and tips for creating it, 2) a visual or report that they’re struggling with and receive feedback or suggestions for how to improve, or 3) a resource that they’ve found to be helpful when crafting their organization’s story.

Come join us for this FREE session where you can see how your peers tell their data stories or share yours. Register via the following link: